Omaha Legends Club Soccer


Brave, Creative Leaders On and Off the Field

 Omaha Legends is a competitive soccer club that focuses on skills.  We build brave, creative leaders on the field and in life. As a Legends soccer player you'll experience new challenges that can only add to your ability, talent and confidence to attempt more and greater things. You'll open your mind, see difficulties as fun problems to be solved and recognize the immense possibilities the world offers you. Getting outside of your box is essential if you are to become a brave creator and leader. Play the unique Legends way. There's no blame, shame or guilt; just the fun and freedom that comes with brave, creative, high risk soccer


2020-2021 Price Details

Registration for players born 2007-2014 will open June 1st!

Total price paid to Legends for Legends club that are not select will be $1185 and will include the following:

  • Fall, Two Winter and Spring Leagues
  • Outdoor Practice Field Rentals
  • Indoor Practice Fees
  • Four Tournaments (2 Fall/2 Spring)
  • State Registration Fees
  • Coach Fees and Education
  • Access to Cardio Room for Players and Parents (waiver required)

Uniform is not included. If a team chooses to do additional tournaments the team manager will collect

Payment Details

June $250 due with Registration

July Uniform Links for Ordering

August-February $133.57 (7 payments)



Outdoor practices will be held at an Omaha park or soccer field on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We try to keep our practices near an interstate to be accessible to all players.

Indoor practices will be held at an indoor facility.  Schedule will be based on facility availability and may not necessarily be on Tuesday or Thursday.

Legends Forms

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